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S05 EP02: There’s Always a FinReg angle: Settlement cycle decisions and concerns under the microscope

The FinReg experts are back to discuss settlement cycle reduction in depth, from the impending US move – and the most pressing matters in the build up – to the UK eyeing its own move and recent updates from Europe. A sprinkling of operational resilience, ESG and crypto are also added in for good measure.

S05 EP01: There’s Always a FinReg angle: The Bitcoin ETF approval – “Please stop talking about this sh**”

The FinReg experts are back for a new season, and what better way to kick things off than discussing the culmination of a theme that ran through our first four seasons – the Bitcoin ETF – and to quote Jamie Dimon at Davos, our FinReg experts are fully ready to “stop talking about this sh**”.

S04 EP11: There’s Always a FinReg angle: Are you Santa or Scrooge when it comes to this year’s regulatory developments?

The FinReg experts are back for the last episode of series four where they discuss the most prominent regulatory themes through a game of ‘Santa or Scrooge’ plus highlight recent developments during a busy fourth quarter for updates.

S04 EP10: Securities finance, custody and private all on the SEC radar; Six months till T+1

The FinReg experts catch up on a couple of months of finreg news, pointing out how the US SEC has been particularly busy, while checking in on digital assets, ESG and settlement cycles.

S04 EP9: EU/UK divergence with special guest BNY Mellon’s Ben Pott

The FinReg experts are back alongside a special guest – Ben Pott of BNY Mellon – to catch you up on the latest financial regulation news and dive into the discussion of regulatory divergence between the UK and EU.

S04 EP8: ESG special (where we actually end up talking more about AI, research unbundling and ETFs)

The FinReg experts get carried away talking about artificial intelligence, ETFs and research unbundling before turning their attention to ‘ESG month’ as the theme of this episode.

S04 EP7: The good crypto, the bad news from the SEC and the ugly T+1 timeline

There was a lot to unpack in the latest FinReg episode including CSDR refit, Bitcoin ETF applications, MiFID revisions, SEC no action expiration and, of course, more T+1 updates as the experts get into the timeline and its problems once again.

S04 EP6: SEC updates, the realities of front-to-back servicing and other ops challenges facing the buy-side

The FinReg experts are back to catch up on all the latest financial regulatory news, while also getting drawn into discussions over front-to-back-office servicing, AI, and the operational challenges facing buy-side firms.

S04 EP5: T+1 special, plus latest news

The FinReg experts are back to deliver some real talk to the T+1 conversation, where the challenges are appearing to be so significant that real concerns are beginning to arise. The FinReg specialists also discuss the recent Gary Gensler hearings and the latest on MiCA in Europe.

S04 EP4: Regulating AI, Credit Suisse-UBS and latest news

The FinReg experts are back to discuss all the latest goings on in the world of financial regulation, including updates from the SEC, the possible regulatory angles of the Credit Suisse-UBS deal and we talk regulating artificial intelligence as we test ChatGPT for the podcast itself.

S04 EP3: Fallout of the banking crisis, SEC updates and hot takes on T+1

The FinReg experts are back to discuss a whole suite of new regulations and updates which have occurred over the past two weeks including a swathe of announcements in the US, the regulatory impact of recent banking collapses, and we touch on T+1 in preparation for our upcoming deep-dive episode.

S04 EP2: Everything But Crypto, All At Once

The FinReg experts are back to discuss a whole suite of new regulations and updates which they deem to be far more impactful than any crypto developments, touching on operational resilience, proxy voting, settlement cycles and a swathe of changes coming out of the US.

S04 EP1: The Regulatory Fallout of FTX

The FinReg experts are back for a new season to discuss the FTX saga and what it means for regulations within the securities world, institutional custody and incumbent service providers.

S03 EP3: A Summer of Regulation

The FinReg experts are back to discuss all the latest goings on in financial regulation over the summer as the SEC has been busy with over 30 open initiatives, the number of ESG regulations reaches an alarming height and Europe grapples with the notion of T+1 amid CSDR chaos.

S03 EP2: The SEC eyes disclosure rules for private funds

The FinReg experts are back to discuss the SEC’s proposal to up its disclosure rules for private equity and hedge funds in a bid for greater fee and performance transparency, while the team also discuss CSDR and SupTech.

S03 EP1: CSDR, SEC Securities Lending and New Year FinRegulutions

The FinReg experts are back for season 3 with lots on the agenda! After discussion their New Year FinRegulutions, we dive into the upcoming settlement regulations in Europe, the SEC’s proposed securities lending reporting rules and regulatory spotlight being placed on cloud service providers.

S02 EP7: Settlement Cycles, Buy-in Delays and Enforcements

The FinReg experts are back to catch up on a busy month of regulatory action as ESMA outlines its priorities for 2022 and recommends a SDR buy-in delay, the CFTC takes action on reporting and settlement cycles continue to top the list of industry talking points.

S02 EP6: Summer Updates on Crypto, T+1, ESG and More

The FinReg experts are back to catch up on a summer of regulatory announcements and whispers including Gary Gensler’s stance on digital assets, SFDR, the move to T+1 settlement and more, while it’s also one FinReg podcasters last episode.

S02 EP5: New Team and Roadmap at the SEC

The FinReg experts are back to discuss Gary Gensler’s new SEC team and their 49-point objectives covering everything from cryptocurrencies to ESG and T+1.

S02 EP4: Archegos Capital and Compliance Fines

The FinReg experts are back to discuss the fallout from the Archegos Capital saga, while we also discuss Europe’s Money Market Funds Regulation, the Settlement Discipline Regime and global compliance fines.

S02 EP3: The Move to T+1 and Europe’s Fund Domiciles

The FinReg experts are back to discuss the DTCC’s two-year roadmap for transition to shorter settlement, along with the state of Europe’s fund domicile landscape as the UK looks to adapt to life post-Brexit.

S02 EP2: Gamestop and the Settlement Debate

The FinReg experts are back as the post-trade sector has been thrust into the media spotlight amid the Gamestop mayhem that led to clearing and settlement being blamed for retails platforms halting trading in certain stocks.

S02 EP1: New SEC Head, Brexit and Sea Shanties

The FinReg experts are back for a new season discussing the impact of Gary Gensler’s appointment as the head of the SEC, the fallout from the latest Brexit updates and, for some reason, Sea shanties.

S01 EP10: Predictions for 2021

An end of year special, the FinReg team look back on an eventful year for FinReg and give their predictions and milestones to look out for in 2021.

S01 EP9: Election special

The FinReg experts discuss the impact of Joe Biden’s election on financial regulation, innovation and how the US will approach ESG under its new leadership.

S01 EP8: Sibos Preview

The FinReg experts case their eyes over this year’s Sibos Digital agenda and pick their highlights, while sharing some past Sibos experiences as the event nears.

S1 EP7: AIFMD/UCITS Harmonisation and SRD II Go-Live

Sean Tuffy, Virginie O’Shea and the GC team are back to discuss the latest FinReg news including the proposed harmonisation of the AIFMD and UCITS frameworks, along with the rollout of SRD II.

S01 EP6: Brexit and Regulatory Cooperation

Sean Tuffy, Virginie O’Shea and the GC team are back to discuss the latest FinReg news and discuss the lingering issues and FinReg worries around Brexit, along with the effectiveness and challenges of regulatory cooperation.

S01 EP5: Enforcement – Go Where The Whistle Blows

Sean Tuffy and Virginie O’Shea are back to discuss the latest FinReg news and dig into the world of regulatory enforcement, discussing whistleblowing, rewards, penalties, the varying approaches from global watchdogs and more.

S01 EP4: The ‘New Normal’

Jon, Joe, Sean and Virginie discuss the notion of the ‘new normal’ for regulators and the industry alike, along with the cultural changes occurring within custody banks, frustration about the continued reliance on fax machines and the latest news updates including GC’s deep dive into BlackRock’s ambitions with custodian banks.

S01 EP3: CSDR Catch Up

Jon, Joe, Sean and Virginie are back to discuss the environmental, social and governance (ESG) regulatory issues following the release of a consultation paper in Europe last week. The episode also catches up on the latest news including an industry blow for hopes of a CSDR alteration and the measures the ECB has taken to avoid collateral shortage.

S01 EP2: Fast-Moving COVID-19

The FinReg cast are back to discuss the latest regulatory developments in the fast-moving COVID-19 environment. We also dive into regulators and their engagement around sandboxes, how compliance teams are handing the crisis, Brexit and which regulator you would rather be quarantined with. As always subscribe and send us your feedback.

S01 EP1: Dependency on Cloud and VPNs

Introducing you to the first episode of Global Custodian’s new podcast on financial regulation. Jon, Joe, Virginie and Sean discuss the global approach being taken by regulators, what they are actioning, where delays have been applied and what we can expect in the coming weeks. We also highlight questions around operational resilience, the dependency on cloud and VPNs and talk about our own experiences working remotely.

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S01 EP4: How To Get Your Boss to Invest in FinTech

In episode four of Margin Matters, we talk briefly about the industry outlook for 2021 and cover off some words of wisdom for our listeners about business case building. T. Rowe Price’s Kevin Khokhar, Multi-Asset Trading Solutions Manager, and Stanley Drasky, Director at Elgin White Consultancy, join series regular and CEO of Cassini Systems, Liam Huxley, as we also discuss our big topic for the day… how can buy-side firms build a business case for FinTech, with particular emphasis on pre-trade and analytics technology investment.

S01 EP3: Collateral Management Matters

Episode three of Margin Matters tackles the topic du jour of collateral management in stressed markets. What has the industry learned in 2020 and what can we expect in 2021? State Street’s Ingvar Sigurjonsson, managing director of funding and collateral transformation, and Chris Watts co-founder and director of Margin Tonic, join series regular and CEO of Cassini Systems Liam Huxley to discuss everything from collateral traffic jams to collateral optimization with host and founder of Firebrand Research, Virginie O’Shea. We also take a quick look at ISDA’s proposals to join together the worlds of collateral with securities financing.

S01 EP2: The Unintended Consequences of Finreg

Episode two of Margin Matters gets to grips with the intended and unintended consequences of derivatives regulation. Series regular Liam Huxley of Cassini Systems is joined by GAM Investments’ head of compliance Chris Beevor and DTCC’s Val Wotton to chat with host Virginie O’Shea of Firebrand Research about all things finreg for the buy side. We also take a quick look at the ongoing replacement of Libor and the nitty gritty of derivatives data with ISDA’s CDM.

S01 EP1: Derivatives, WFH Edition

In our inaugural Margin Matters podcast, fintech founders Liam Huxley of Cassini Systems and Christian Nentwich of Duco talk to Virginie O’Shea from Firebrand Research about how they got into the industry, what they’ve learned during the crisis and the unique challenges the industry has faced so far in 2020. We also delve into the regulatory delays for key pieces of derivatives regulation such as UMR and get the lowdown on what the European Commission has in store for the rest of the year.