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Interactive functional maturity assessments

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Digital maturity benchmarking

Executives input their answers to a series of questions to determine the digital maturity of functional areas of their business.

Peer comparison reports

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Consulting services

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Firebrand Digital Maturity Spectrum

Our peer assessments

Firebrand Research’s unique assessment methodology plots your firm’s practices against our five-stage digital maturity spectrum.

Firebrand’s Digital Maturity Assessments

Our assessments allow you to see your firm’s digital maturity in real time – you get an assessment at the end of the 5 to 10-minute series of questions.

All data is kept confidential and any results are published in aggregate as industry-level statistics.

Participants get a copy of the high-level statistics for their own business cases and as a comparative benchmark across your peers

Corporate actions

This assessment looks at how automated the corporate actions process is across your firm, how comprehensive coverage is across event types, and many other aspects of operations maturity.

API strategies

This is a nascent area of development, but many firms have established an API strategy as part of a digital transformation agenda. See how your firm compares to the emerging best practices in this developing area.

Innovation personality

Innovation strategy is a very tough area to measure at the industry level, but this personality test allows you to compare your firm to the different types of innovators in the market. See how your firm compares…

Data management and governance

Does your firm have its house in order when it comes to data management and strategy? This assessment benchmarks digital maturity within the ever-important data realm.


How joined up is your firm’s reconciliation strategy? How do you compare to your peers in terms of automation? Take our reconciliation digital maturity assessment and find out.